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A man with a walker walking with a man carrying a bag
A woman with prosthetic limbs waving and smiling
A woman smiling with crossed arms


People need equipment to live their lives today and we might not have the right kind or right size of donated equipment to provide to them.


You can fund the equipment people need today.


You can direct your tax-deductible donation to:

Help people across Ontario living with spinal cord injury and other challenges by funding the purchase of new and used essential equipment and equipment repairs through Spinal Cord Injury Ontario’s Equipment for Independence Program.

A man sitting in a wheelchair

Help people at St. Joseph’s in London by funding new equipment for patients with spinal cord injuries, acquired brain injuries, amputations, and neurological conditions of childhood onset.


A woman with prosthetic limbs smiling and waving

All gifts will be processed through Spinal Cord Injury Ontario.

Thank you!

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