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A woman smiling and waving as she is pushed in a wheelchair by another woman
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Our Story

More than a decade ago, The Possibilities Project, in support of St. Joseph’s Health Care Foundation, was created by the Regional Rehabilitation Team at the Parkwood Institute site of St. Joseph’s Health Care in London, Ontario.

Its objective was to ease the financial burden of mobility, medical equipment, and other assistive devices for inpatients and outpatients in financial need who have spinal cord injuries, acquired brain injuries, amputations, and neurological conditions of childhood-onset at Parkwood Institute.  


Money raised over the years, from fund-raising events and the generosity, caring hearts, and giving spirits of donors and community partners, has purchased essential assistive devices necessary to enhance the independence and quality of life of countless people in need.   


The grassroots Possibilities Project has grown into Possibilities Project Plus, an Ontario-wide initiative whose mission is to link people who wish to donate new or previously owned assistive devices to people in financial need who require these essential items. In addition to providing a convenient, user-friendly way for people to communicate to exchange equipment, the online Possibilities Project Plus resource hub provides guidance to access and select home health equipment.   

Mission Vision Values

Our Mission

A man with crutches

The Possibilities Project Plus is an Ontario-wide online resource hub with a mission to link people who want to donate medical equipment and assistive devices with people in financial need of those items.   


We abide by the following four mission statements:  

  • Ease the financial burden of mobility/medical equipment and other assistive devices for those in need.

  • Facilitate the donation process for prospective donors.

  • Provide a user-friendly means for people to communicate the exchange of devices.

  • Divert viable assistive devices from ending up in landfills.   


In addition to linking people to devices, the Possibilities Project Plus site provides information such as guidance for selecting home health equipment and suggestions for those seeking funding.  

Our Vision

A woman helping an older woman to stand up.

Possibilities Project Plus envisions the following:   

  • Ontarians with disabilities in financial need receive appropriate mobility aids, medical equipment and other assistive devices at no cost and on time.  

  • Enhanced independence and quality of life of these individuals.

  • Donors of previously owned assistive devices locate recipients in need promptly via a supportive and efficient process.  

  • Creation of mutually supportive community partnerships.  

  • Reduce environmental waste by reusing and relocating assistive equipment to those in need instead of landfills. 


We envision educating and advocating for donors and recipients of assistive devices and our community partners. 

Our Values

A man with his guide dog.

At Possibilities Project Plus, we strive to:  


  • Meet the diverse needs of the Ontarians that we serve.  

  • Seek to understand Ontarians' donation and assistive device needs to enhance our services.  

  • Practice knowledge translation principles to achieve a sustainable and flexible organization to meet the needs of Ontarians and community partners as they change.

  • Work respectfully within a creative and resourceful team environment.  

  • Celebrate our successes.

"I was at a point where I needed to make a transition from hospital to home. With limited finances it seemed very difficult to do but the Possibilities Project came to my rescue. We found a wheelchair porch lift and with the kindness and consideration of the Possibilities Project we also received an over-the-bed table. So now I can get into my home. The independence is a wonderful feeling."

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